Camper ­Vans

The freedom to travel.


If you are looking for your first van and you want a concrete vehicle, with a simple, practical and essential style, but with everything you need to go on a thousand adventures, Livingstone is the van for you.

Livingstone Sport

For you who already have experience with the van holiday and are looking for a vehicle that can give you that something extra that makes the difference, in terms of functionality, comfort, equipment, even winking at style.

Livingstone Advance

Dedicated to you who have a lot of experience and are looking for a van of excellence, which can offer you the best technology, a refined design, refined materials and a surplus of equipment.

Enjoy the travel,
no limits.

Roller Team

The choice of value and reliability.

Constant technological innovation in production processes, continuous product renewal, intelligent solutions and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques respond in an increasingly efficient and complete way to people’s needs, at an always competitive price.