Outstanding Italian flair

Inspiring Italian design combines with excellent engineering and construction to deliver.
a range of motorhomes that are ready for every journey.

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Practicality and Reliability

with a unique Italian flair.

Roller Team is a dynamic manufacturer always pioneering new solutions that have made the motorcaravan accessible to
everyone. As part of the hugely successful Trigano Group, Roller Team’s guiding principle
is to manufacture modern, innovative and reliable Italian motorhomes at competitive prices.

Roller Team’s manufacturing centre is based in the stunning Tuscan countryside, and that Italian essence
is at the heart of all our motorhomes. From the stylish design to the skill and expertise of all the technicians
who build your vehicle, traditional values and modern technology combine at every stage to create outstanding motorhomes.

Design and Innovation

More insulation, more protection, less noise


The result of extensive research and development,
EVO gives greater protection from the elements and offers
exceptional levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.
Applied on walls, roof and bottom, it gives all Roller Team
motorhomes greater structural resistance meaning that you
can travel further, and for more of the year, with complete
peace of mind.

The perfect atmosphere

The breathe Project

The “Breathe” project focusses on enabling the free movement
of air in your motorhome, promoting circulation, rendering the
temperature and avoiding the formation of condensation.
Breathable fabrics and ventilation panels help creating a
healthy and protective environment.

The whole world in the garage

300 kg of freedom!

A garage locker designed for you to take your freedom
with you anywhere at all times. Easy to load, solidly built
garage space with a capacity of 300 kg to organize according
to your wishes!
Internal height up to 1350 mm (depending on the model).

To make you feel comfortable inside your motorhome, whatever the temperature outside,every Roller Team vehicle uses technologies and materials that ensure high performance and a perfect climate at all times.

Roller Team puts its own experience and expertise at the service of every motorcaravan produced and follows it throughout the production stage with inspections and tests from design to delivery that meet with European standards.

Performance brought to you!

A pleasure to drive


Mechanical performance and above all safety, comfort when travelling
and when parked over time.

The Ford Transit Chassis is equipped with a new
Ford EcoBlue 2.0 TDCi engine, delivering from 130
to 170 hp of power for better performance and
lower CO2 emissions. It is Euro 6.2 compliant.

Fiat Ducato is the perfect union of chassis and living pod.
Plenty of features are provided to facilitate conversion, in
addition to specific electrical system and cab designed with
reinforced pillars and precut roof.